My Own Worst Enemy

  You are probably familiar with the saying “you are your own worst enemy.” For many of us, this statement rings true, but for various reasons. We are guilty of self-sabotaging our love lives, family lives, friendships, or even our careers. Have you ever wondered why you do this or where these thoughts come from? … Continue reading My Own Worst Enemy


A Change of Perception

The world is a very different place in your 20’s than in your 30’s. Expectations, desires, and attractions change forms and mean something completely different and, in my opinion, something better. In Your 20’s: This is the era where dating is mainly for sport, unless you’re one of the rare few who are ready to … Continue reading A Change of Perception

30 Something and Single

I have always tried to live my life with no regrets. Like all of you, I have made some great choices in life and some terrible choices in life. But I would never trade any experience that I have had because all of those ups and downs have made me who I am today... (click title to view more)